stuff i love

Last Weekend.


Kayak and stuff. The rain helped furnish dramatic flavor to our scurry.

We were kids again.


Said I was going on a shopping spree but it actually wasn’t really one. I mean hey, what a shopping spree would it be if I only had like a couple of ringgits in my purse?

But anyways, I bought a couple of CDs. They’re Britney Spears’ Circus and Boys Like Girls’ self titled and they’re RM9.90 each. I LOLed my way up to the cashier to pay them. I mean RM19 for 2 original CDs?

Money well spent *fuck yea meme*

And then, as usual I went to Machines to give the new iPods a second launch try but they’re not yet available, which was very upsetting and I didn’t get to play my fave super slim toy too because there were soooo many people in there.


And next, I went looking for a blazer for work but couldn’t find the Victoria Beckam-ish one.

Maybe next time.

And though my nose didn’t help me choosing a perfume, that wouldn’t stop me from picking one. One that I’m already familiar with, sort of a re-purchase and the best part was when I CAUGHT JARED LETO STARING FROM AFAR!

Something I have honestly, expected xP

We held each other’s gaze for idk how long but I played it cool and walked out *like a boss meme*

He kept staring though.

Whatever J.

Last stop was Cotton On. I spent hours there looking for the cheapest deal because I want their paper bag so badly. Talking about typical Malaysian huh? But the paper bag’s so sweet so yes, I’m typical. Couldn’t find any, so no paper bag.


And then came Monday.

And work.


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