stuff i love

Yummers aka honey cornflakes.

Haaa, this is legitimately the only thing I can make.

Because it’s awful easy. Just pour everything together.


How about throw? Because that’s what I did.

IMG_5003First, you throw a box of cornflakes into a mixing bowl and add some almond flakes. Yep I believe that’s what it is. The white thingy.


And then throw some generous amount of raisins and uhm… dried mixed fruit, I guess?

And some cherries too. And basically anything you want like nuts.

After that, pour the syrup (of melted butter, sugar, honey & vanilla essence) and mix mix mix.


Scoop a spoonful and put it into your patty cups and that’s it. You’re supposed to bake it in the oven but of course I didn’t do that because I don’t know how to use the oven I had someone else to help me with that.

My arms were sore from mixing the ingredients already. Hence, no picture of the actual cookies.

p/s: I didn’t make the syrup.


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