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Rayaaaaaa. Not yet.

Eid is in 2 days and idk what should I blab on because we have lost a couple of dearest family members this year. 6, to be precise. So everything will be scaled a little bit down for sure.

Eid isn’t going to be the same again. We may skip one or two traditions and add a couple more.

Uhm let’s not talk about that and cry.

Let’s talk about something else, something like what I’ll be wearing during raya. No I won’t post pictures of my outfit because I alas, haven’t yet seen them yet.


But I know I have 2 baju kurungs.

Red, yellow and plum.

Or 3.


Instead, I’ll post some of the accesories that I’ll be wearing. I warn you, it’s boring and these are just some of the pieces that I brought home with me. I brought a couple je pun.

Anywho, here we go.

Day 1 & 2:



Day 3: Same watch and a very obvious fake lookin bracelet :’)



Day 4 aka I don’t care anymore:


Mom doesn’t actually approve.

But you see the theme is gold. ish.



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