life as it is

You and your injured mind.







There’s nothing wrong with these pictures.

There’s nothing wrong with me adoring the cuteness, despite the fact that I’m a muslim.

I know some people are like..  “but it’s HARRAAAMMM?!”

Well, shut up.

Dogs and pigs are fine lah.

They’re animals.

They are not haram as long as I’m not touching or eating them.

But when eat or touch, they can be as haram as girls unclothe their aurat, as haram as unmarried couples holding hands, as haram as people boozin and as haram as corrupted rulers.

But then again, girls unclothe their aurat, unmarried couples holding hands, drunk muslim men and corrupted rulers are all OKAY but these animals aren’t.

Of course, right?

And you don’t buy anything with dog or piglet prints, even say the ‘haram’ words, could twitch your muscles.

I lost count of how may times I get the ‘ewww’ from my fellow muslims everytime I praise a cute puppy.


I shake my head.

So how many of us refuse to buy this..


.. just because it has a ‘haram’ thing written on the label?

Well, stop.

ps: My honest opinion.


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