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Fantasy Twist

OK, as I said yesterday I will scour my closet to find the perfumes I bought 3 weeks ago and I did. I came home early, went straight into my tiny closet and after a good minute I found them sitting on the top of folded shirts. Isolated. And they were still in the plastic bag.Cute.

Found them.



Snapped. Snapped. Snapped.


Before I go through that, let me tell you this quickly. Actually right now, I’m in a workshop. Yes, and guess what it’s my birthday!!

I turn 27 today.

Wanna know how exactly I feel? SLEEPY.

Didn’t sleep much last night. I went out at about 10pm and returned home at 5am, showered and daaaa here I am!

We’re now waiting for the damn speaker so I think I’ll just make a quick post.

I wasn’t really excited on this because this is just a re-purchase. But anyway, here it is.

The pics turned crappy, hope you don’t mind it sistah!

First I’m gonna show you the box. Yes the perfume came in a box not a pouch.

The front looks okay.


But the back… BAM!!

IMG_4855Queen B yo!

Btw, I got the full sized one.

IMG_4859Awkwardly positioned. Why plastic?

It comes in a round bottle just as cute as Fantasy but I don’t remember if it has any Swarovski crystals like Fantasy has.

IMG_4856Looking at this picture, I don’t think Fantasy Twist has any dotted gems. But it comes with a love shaped charm.

For this size, I got 50ml for each scent.


The red one is Fantasy and the purple one is Midnight Fantasy.

IMG_4857Both parts interlock like this. Sexy. Like yin und yang.

I’m not sure if I like Midnight Fantasy but Fantasy is my signature scent. It’s super sweet  and what I love the most about Fantasy it its staying power. One or two sprays can last you for days.

I’m not kidding.

Oh one more thing, this workshop has started about a few minutes ago.


Shall I post another one?


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