la la

It’s just me.

Syu O Syu.. you have a memory like a sieve. Seriously girl, go fix it somehow.


The thing is, this morning when I was getting ready for work I sprayed perfume like I normally do and suddenly like a freakin tape, my head rewound back to what happened 3 weeks ago.

Then it hit me out of nowhere that I have bought a couple new perfumes from Aeon.. Ahhh!

How could I forgot the two perfumes I bought? Man, this is so not happening!

And in the car I thought okay I’ll unbox one of the two tonight and maybe I’ll post it here because.. uhm well.. whatever.

But first, I need to figure out where the heck I chucked them. Under the bed or in the bathroom or somewhere in the closet.


Oh btw, I’ll turn 27 tomorrow and I guess you could say that the age has already built up before me.



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