la la



Woke up at 2. Yes, two freakin p to da emmmm!

The thing I hate the most is when I decided to get up and thought haaa there’s something to do so up up up hurry!! Brushed my teeth, washed my face and then bam, I found myself in bed again.

It’s fine though.

So then I sat straight up, turned on my computer and after about 50 YouTube videos later, my brain went crickets.

My brain’s dead for a second and my body’s trembling like erk what should I do now?

Why is today so boring? So numb?

And then I yawned.

And then I remember the things I do whenever I’m bored at home.

Sleeping. Checked!

YouTube-ing. Checked!

Eating. No, cannot. Fasting.



Yeah eating is one of the things I do when I don’t feel like going out on weekends.

And then I figured out o my gosh, what kind of a person I am?? All this time I eat just ’cause I’m bored?


Eating when you’re hungry is fine and normal but eating when you’re not hungry? Eating when you have nothing else to do?!

That’s not normal like girl, go see a psychiatrist or something!

‘Cause you definitely have issues.


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