life as it is

Iftar day one, two and three.

IMG_4832Day one.

During my days in Matriculation College, my dorm-mates and I had our yucky dinner from the cafeteria while flipping a cookbook just so we could imagine eating those delish food in the book instead of the ones we’re havin.

Sometimes we would sit in the hall in our dorm room to just munch our snacks and pretend like it’s some kind of home made meals.

And during my ‘degree’ years, I just had a slice of white bread and some fruit juice for iftar. While I thought that was the worst thing, look at me today.

I mean those old days, I still at least had friends to partake of with, but now I had the whole YouTube community to make me choke on my food.



Haaaa even better.


‘Cause I’m a loner.

And that’s my little tragic story.


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