life as it is


So today I had a workshop (-.-) but hey I wasn’t being tortured alone. This time I was in an entourage of ………… 2 freakin people, me and my co-worker.

The workshop went shitty. All they did was blablahblahblah and they gave us another deadline that’s scheduled for shortly after.

End of July.

And I got my name called because the speaker caught me TOO occupied with my phone when I was actually just held it the second he looked at me and all the time, I had my eyes  glued on his screamingforaffectionandattention-face.

Thank you mister!

So…….. to get rid off all the damaging vibe from the ugly mister, we went to…… AEON. Surprise surprise!

So here’s what I bought.

IMG_4824Hair ties and elastics.

IMG_4823Uhm you know what these girly stuff are.

IMG_4826Something for iftar.

Because tomorrow is the first day of the holy month of Ramadan and I’ll surely be fasting, yay!!!

Hopefully I’ll get to reset my tummy and be healthy again. Not that I’m not healthy but, you know what I mean.

Fasting in my opinion besides the religious reasons, is a good way to clean your tummy and if you’re lucky, you can shred some pounds too.

Oh yeah!

So HAPPY RAMADAN everyone!


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