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Aeon trip numero dos.

Achtung; It’s Sunday and I had nothing to do or to post. YAY!!!


Sooooo here are some more stuff that I picked up from the previous day out at Aeon.photo1. Purse. Love the color! Might as well give it away though. To whoever interested.

2. Wallet. Love the color! I don’t even need it.

Sister says those colors are for moms. Okay kiddie.

3. Perfumes. Repurchase that I probably won’t use until, forever?

And a bunch of miniatures. They come in handy during travels.

4. Water bottle. How adorable! The only thing I need from this list.

You know what? If life decides to keep on bore me this much, this blog will likely be a pro bono catalogue for AEON because I spend my after hours at AEON almost every single day.

True story.

Oh, can I just reside in there? I mean yeah I don’t have to bother to look for a rental house anymore. Plus, I have all my needs and wants there.

Heyyy sounds ideal huh?

Oh :’) *slaps self


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