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Aeon trip numero uno.

Following up my recent trip to Aeon or Jusco or JJ or whatever your preference is, these were the stuff that I picked up. But before I show you those, I’d like to say that they were from a week ago. I got them last week but they’re still nicely wrapped because I didn’t have time to make love to them. I got them, shoved them in my closet and they stayed there for until I’m less busy, which is today and they’re nothing really. Mostly some essentials that I ran out of.

photo-21. Sunscreen SPF 50 PA +++

2. Face primer

3. Foundation. I can see my mom goes craycray over this one. I am shocked by the shade myself but this one is for contouring use only. So stop crying. Please. Mom.

3. A dirt cheap make-up brush.

4. ‘Beauty blender’ of whatever brand.

And the reason I post these up  here is because I had nothing to rant about and thought, why not?

FYI, these aren’t everything I bought, I have a couple more but those will be up only if I have nothing to post. Yep.

Bonus content: This isn’t just any paper strip.

photo-1This has the glorious scent of Jared Leto.

Therefore, I worship it.


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