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A sick uncle and a shaman

Received a call from my sister this morning. She said have you heard the news yet? Has mommy called you yet? I was like no, why? And then she told me OUR UNCLE HAS PASSED AWAY 10 MINUTES AGO. Tears streamed voluntarily (even now, still) like, straight off. You have to see my eyes. Last time I looked in the mirror, they’re puffy.

And my hands, they were shaking. I had trouble driving home.

And then I received tons of calls right after, which I declined. When you cry, you cannot go verbal anymore. At least that’s my case.

What stunned me more and most is the fact that I am hundreds of miles away from my family. I will surely miss the funeral and the tahlil and the cry together scene.

My uncle (I called him Pok) fell sick after the picnic we had about 2 weeks ago (right after my cousin’s wedding). He couldn’t eat and was very weak. It was his diabetes. So last night, my mom with his wife sent him to the hospital. Mom called and told me the whole thing about how stupid the doctor was. Mom was angry at how dumb the young doctor was. I too got angry when mom told she had to tell the doctor what to do and what to diagnose because the doctor took things as read like a flippin bomoh jin.

Why does his tummy bloated? Oh, it’s JUST gassy.

Why are his feet swollen? Oh, MAYBE the ocean. (we had our picnic at the beach)

JUST MAYBE. Exactly what we wanna hear from a doctor!

So next time you see a doctor, please please encourage him/her to do a proper check-up. They might forget things and you should ask him/her questions to stimulate his practice. Especially when the doctor is young and inexperienced. Request and question and it’s ok to do that because why not?

I’m sorry I judge but this is not new to us.

To my uncle, Al-Fatihah.

I miss you already, I do.

(By the time I finished this post, he’s just laid to rest)


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