life as it is

Getting him off the market.

Last two weeks were pretty frantic. And memorable. And murderous.

I was home for my cousin’s wedding and it was very merry-go-round. Haha, I mean everyone was there. Uncles, aunts, cousins, semeks and awangs. The whole town. It was a lot of fun because it’s the first wedding for us the family. Plus my cousin, he’s the only child. Er he has a little sister but that’s a whole different story.

Moving on.

I got to decorate one of the eleven trays of gifts and woo it was fun! Too bad though, I didn’t snap my precious decoration.

We stayed up all night to prettify everything, just to make sure the wedding goes without a hitch. My aunt, mother of the groom, wanted everything to be done by the family from packing goody bags to indoor decor. Because she said it’s her first and last ceremony. Nod your head folks!

So we went all out.

And on the big day, we were all tired little pandas. LOL.

But it was all worth it because it was such an experience to attend to almost 2000 guests even though our face muscles were sore from overly smiling.

Fake, obviously.

But anyways, to cousin Ayi and Amy, have a prosperous and glorious and PRODUCTIVE marriage, okay? ^_^


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