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My stinkiest dream!

Last night I had the best sleep ever. Like, ever, ever.

I was on the phone till late at night and then as usual I fell asleep.

And then, I woke up but not awake. I mean, I woke up in my dream. To a call.

Me: Hello?

Caller: Hello, hey.

And at hello, I knew exactly who the caller was. It was JARED LETO. Dafuq? LOL

Me: Hi.

Jared: Do you know what belacan is?

Me: Yeah it’s shrimp paste. Why?

Jared: Oh yeah? I got some right here.

Me: Really? I tell you what Jared, it smells horrible. I’m afraid you can’t handle it.

Jared: Whoa! I think I’m fine tho. Now what is budu?

And I laughed hysterically.

Jared: You laughed at me? *giggles

Me: Haha the way you pronounced budu was epic. But I love budu. It’s nasty but I like it, haha.

And I laughed some more till I woke up. For real.

I even laughed 30 seconds after.

And I laugh now.



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