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A date with …………..



Yes we went on a date and my gosh I love him so much more now than ever!

I think the feeling’s mutual because he made my $14 worth every cent.

IMG_4059Yes I paid for a date with Mr. Stark :’)

The best thing was we, me and a friend, went for the 10pm screening (full house yo!) so I just grabbed my white pjs and layered it under my plaid button up and hey I was all effortlessly groomed, I think? Haha.

IMG_4060Of course I put on pants too, what do you think?

But I forgot my scarf and it was freaking South Pole in there


The movie honestly, is not the best from Marvel but like I said, it’s worth my $. So go watch it if you haven’t already.

I wanna put some quotes from the movie but then it’s 2:54 am now and I have work tomorrow. So maybe later. Maybe not.

Here’s a poster tho.

IMG_4061I swear the girl in the poster is



not me.



2 thoughts on “A date with …………..

  1. Ahhh everyone’s talking about IronMan3 and I’m like… okay….. I want to watch it so badly but I don’t have the time! Will make time for it soon, hopefully!
    Btw, I laughed at the last part when you said the girl in the poster isn’t you. Your posts are always adorably funny! 😀

    1. Go watch it! RDJ was so hot and funny. I couldn’t even sleep last night *true story
      You think so? Thx.
      Trust me I tried hard, it’s almost cheesy haha xP

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