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TAG: 50 Random Facts About Me

So… Ayeen Kadir  (Hi! ) did it and I love reading hers and you can see at the end of her post she tagged her readers. Since I am one, I think I might as well jump in.

Though I’m a nobody and my facts aren’t as exciting and might be not worth knowing but I don’t have anything better to share anyways. So let’s start!

1. Yes, I hate public toilets too. Even the ones at my work place.

2. I’m single. 27 and single? Wow.

3. I’m from Terengganu. And proud.

4. My dad died of lung failure or something when I was 11. That’s in 1997.

5. I graduated college at the age of 24. That’s pretty standard.

6. I don’t watch TV.

7. I’m an Apple freak. And I’m not sorry.

8. Food, I love peppery food.

9. I don’t eat vegie.. well maybe carrots, I quite like em. But not raw.

10. I’d prefer sleeping than eating. Like hey I’m starving, let’s go to bed!

11. My first job is the current one I have right now.

12. Growing up, I wanted to be a cashier because I think operating a cash register’s a lot of fun. But when asked about my ambition, I’d go for something typical like, a lawyer or an engineer. OR AN ARCHITECT. Never a doctor.

13. As of right now, I really wanna work at Starbucks.

14. I don’t drink coffee or tea.

15. My drinks have to be icy.

16. I drive a pearl-white Myvi. Bought it a couple of years ago with my own money.

17. I cannot go a day without cleaning my ears. Imagine me during Ramadan? Epileptic.

18. I sing terribly. I can’t even carry a tune but that won’t stop me from karaokeing.

19. I read books or magazines or any reading materials, backward. I’ll start with the back page towards the front. Except for novels.

20. I can’t tell my left from my right, right away. I have to like, take some quiet time to digest the directions by visualizing myself eating food. Because I eat my food with my right hand.

21. I eat food with my right hand, of course. But snacking with my left. Inappropriate, I know.

22. I can’t stand smokers. I think they should just die.

23. I was never the brightest kid in school but in my head I was. Ah that one kid >(

24. I once studied at Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan and took Physical Science for 2 months and made a couple of good friends.

25. My fave subject in school was Technical Drawing. I loved it soooo much!

26. I don’t do clinic or hospital. I’d rather be sick than taking medicine or go see a doctor or anything like that. I think meds bring more harm than good. There’s always side effects that’s just gross.

27. Ironically, I was admitted to the hospital once in 2009, just 2 weeks after I finished college and I must say that I enjoyed the attention I got. I felt loved, haha.

28. I don’t like massage but when I fall sick I’d like to have someone touching my feet. Don’t rub or knead, just touch and I’ll love you forever.

29.My PMS is like …. idk. It comes once a year, or maybe twice, when I least expect it.

30.Once I have a ringtone, it’ll last for years. The longest was 30 Seconds To Mars’ From Yestersday.

31. I don’t have a particular color that I like. Anything dusty will do.


33. I love fried chicken soooooo so much.

34. I love working with computers.

35. I don’t do double dipping.

36. I don’t even share food and drinks with anyone that’s including my mom and my sister.

37. The only thing I love about Malay tradition is food. It’s quite tradition right? Lol idk.

38. Oh and also baju kurung. The basic one. I can rock in them any day, anywhere.

39. I hate it when I have to shake and kiss people’s hands because I hate the idea of transferring whatever dirt I have from my face, my lips to someone’s hands. That’s just so gross.

40. My fave bands are 30 Seconds To Mars (duh!), Muse and Tokio Hotel. And Lawson and Hinder, and Story of The Year and … a million more.

41. I am obsessed with Britney Spears. She’s the cutest thing ever.

42. I don’t get girls. I am a girl.

43. I’m a big 9gag-er.

44. My handwriting changes over the type of papers I write on.

45. I hate Facebook soooo much but I do have the app on my phone just because my sister loves to have a quick access whenever  she doesn’t have her phone with her. I love her.

46. I think I can be a good interior designer. Or a landscape architect.

47. I work underground.

48. I’ll cast my 1st vote in the GE next week. Pretty pumped.

49. I’m horrible at Maths or basically anything that has to do with numbers. I don’t remember anyone’s phone number, anyone’s DOB but mine.

Wait, 50 yet?

Woah that’s a lot of facts!

Congrats, you have survived reading my bs lol


2 thoughts on “TAG: 50 Random Facts About Me

  1. I love your ‘about me’ facts!! Seriously, it was exciting, I didn’t even realize I’ve reached the last fact! I read your blog too, all the time! But since yours is in wordpress, I don’t know how to follow your blog. I bookmarked it though. Hehe. Thanks for doing this tag by the way! Keep writing amazing posts! x

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