life as it is

bad day for science

Update update!

Nothing much to say actually.

Saturday, I was busy with work. Yup, I work on Saturdays too. I missed Lawson’s gig that night which I don’t care anymore because I kinda sick of this. I mean, I think I have grown to be one of those women living a monotonous life. Sad, but I have to suck it all up and living 4 hours away from KL  makes me even more numb. I can go on and on but let’s just stop.

I also missed their live chat the prior day because I finished my paper very late that day and when I got home, I went straight to bed without thinking. Thought I was taking a nap, but I only woke up the next morning. Eleven solid hours of sleep.

And on Monday, I was at home chilling in pjs, curl up in my blanket, just watching Coachella live on YT. I have an unlimited internet access now and it’s free, so why not? Wish I were there.

Wanted to go out so bad but then I have some more papers due Sunday. So no.


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