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Are rejected original perfumes, original?

So today I was on the internet, doing a serious research on rejected original perfumes. I heard a lot about it, but never really bothered to give a shit until yesterday.

Because yesterday, me and a friend went to the mall and somehow ended up at this one perfume shop that claimed to sell those rejected ‘original designer perfumes’. Wow, really?

The shop was very proper and nice but I was very skeptical, still. But my friend though, she was very into it. She even gave me a hint about this particular shop a few weeks back. Everything was cheaper there, she told me. True. Where else can you get a bottle of Chanel EDP at RM160?

So we went in and greeted by a very nice lady.

For she was being so nice, I became very greedy at trying and spraying testers and stuff. LOL.

The lady told us that the ‘rejected original perfumes’ that they sell do not come in a box but with a pouch instead.

OK. That’s just weird because all of my perfumes, I bought them either at Jusco or Parkson, they came in a nicely wrapped and sealed box.

She explained that their perfumes are authentic. The only difference between their perfumes and the ones at major counters was that their perfumes have some defects on packaging. Be it on the cap or labeling or on the bottle itself. I saw a few minor scratches on the bottles and some screwed caps but as far as the spelling goes on the labels and stuff, it was perfect. And the juice was fine too.

I was not very convinced though, so I did some research.

I googled the term and found many LOCAL blogshops that are selling this kind of thing.

But found nothing on YouTube. A-huh.

And then I found a forum that’s long closed but that’s ok. I scrolled all the pages and all I can say is that there’s no such a thing as rejected original perfumes. Why? Here’s my 2cents:

Do you think that D&G or Chanel or Gucci would allow flawed bottles to be sold with their logo still printed on the bottles and thus ruins their names and reputations?

If there’s such mistakes in packaging, shipping whatsoever, where’s the Body Shop ones? Never seen a single rejected original Body Shop perfume. At least not at the shop we went to. Or have you?

Either The Body Shop factory is excellent at producing their products, better than Chanel or…

OR there’s no such a thing as rejected original perfumes at all!

I also took home a couple of blotting papers ( I wanna say mouillettes but they’re just some regular blue colored paper strips LOL) from the shop that had Chanel N5 and Thierry Mugler’s Angel on them. Back home, I took the same ‘blotting papers’, only that mine they were green haha. I took two stripes and sprayed my The One from D&G and Gucci by Gucci and left them overnight (uhm that’s about 4-5 hours). This morning when I woke up, I looked at 4 of them. Mine had some visible stains on them and the other 2 from the shop had nothing, no stain whatsoever.

But the fragrance stains on all 4 papers were still there. Means, their base notes were pretty good except the Angel one, it smelled urine-ish. Ew.

I’ve read somewhere that original perfumes do stain a little bit especially on papers because if its oil contents but they’re not oily. So what happened to the paper strips from the shop? They had the same notes, but they didn’t stain. Watered-down? Maybe!

Maybe they’re diluted, that’s why they’re super cheap.

So I decided to invest some money and buy perfumes at the department stores that I 100% trust rather than pay a hundred bucks on counterfeit juice. That way, I could save me a headache.

But hey I won’t buy anything now. I’m saving the idea for lattturrr.


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