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The Terengganu in me.

This has to be my most favorite topic to talk with my fellow semeks and awangs and I guess my other east coast folks can relate to this as well. It goes like this:

“Semalam siapkan kerja banyak sangat, sakit pinggan
“Diorang turung padan

Yup that’s what happened to me recently. Many times the fakeness is well covered. Even some people find it dubious that I’m from Terengganu. Not trying to brag or anything but I can conceal my accent pretty good so when friends learn that I’m from Teganu they usually give me the no-way look and some have even suggested that my face looks nothing like a semek. Er if you know what I mean.

I look Javanese ish I guess?


I don’t find it embarrassing though and in fact, it cracks me up everytime I think of how I desperately repeat myself to try to mend my words so that everyone wouldn’t notice my hopeless ‘ng’ bloopers and often, it’s too late. They laughed and so did I.

I don’t know about most people, but I have to say that I’m so proud I come from Terengganu where we speak our own different dialect. I call it a laid back dialect just because I think we tend to simplify every word we speak.

For example:

Tak tau = dok au

Au instead of tau or tahu. How awesome is that? Haha.

Tak tau apa-apa =  dok au kale

Oh god :’D

And my ultimate favorite, NATANG. Everything is natang for me. It’s my favorite adjective & adverb.

sakit natang

bodo natang

hija natang

besor natang

jauh natang

Oh I can’t even.


BTW, what are we orang Teganu called?

Terengganuan? Terengganese? Terengganite? LMFAO


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