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My lovely binder slash planner.

Well I don’t have money to buy myself a Filofax or anything like that. Filofax costs a bomb. I can’t afford it.

But the thing is I need one. I think, whether you’re a student or a worker, you will need a planner to write notes and reminders and stuff like that. Even if you have an iPad or whatever, it doesn’t match pens and papers. Maybe it’s just me. I always have to write down my plans. Yep, I’m conventional like that.

So the notion is when you can’t afford one, you gotta make one.

Challenge accepted.

I made one.

I turned a plain white B3 binder into my personal planner and I loved it.

20130310-113908.jpgMy 2013 planner.

I bring it to work and to wherever I go and got a lot of questions about it. Like eh, mana beli? Eh, ape ni? Eh, buat sendiri ke? And the eh goes on.

Easy folks.

What you gotta do is to combine all the junk together. Attach them anyhow.

I bought these pieces separately and glued them together to create something that looks like this.



It has to be colorful or it’s not mine.

And after you done glueing, time to go on Google and look for some printable planner templates. There are tons available for you to download, free of charge of course. I’m not bothered to spend a cent anyways.

Command+S them, edit to desired size and color, print them out and punch hole them and tada!!!



Because I use pens and papers that are of low quality, I fear the ink will bleed through the pages. So I use protection.


Put your favorite quotes or anything at all to outsmarting others.


And your 2013 planner is now ready to serve you.

Good luck.


3 thoughts on “My lovely binder slash planner.

  1. awesome!~ so creative.. i never have a thought to make a planner by myself.
    thanks, this is truly inspired me.. ^_^ (y)

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