life as it is

Something is not right, I know. I think?

Hah guess what I’m doing..?


Yes, youtube’s being kind to me lately especially today when I have tons of paperwork due next week. Yay.

From music, to movies, to babies, to kissing scenes and even political stuff you name it I have watched them all today since 9 am ago. YES, YOU READ THAT ONE RIGHT. Surprisingly I woke up at 8ish am. That is soooo not normal.

I guess I know why.

I had trouble sleeping last night and when I finally got to sleep, it was a very troubled one. No dream, no nothing, just troubles. You know when you have important things to do, it just drives you nuts that you can’t stop thinking about it and even gives you hard time sleeping. You think you’re fast asleep but you’re actually not sleeping at all. That complex.

It is believed to be one of the early signs of mental illness. Yes, Dr. Syu.

And now is already 2:15 am and I am very sleepy.

But of course my scumbag brain won’t let me.

Should I harlem shake myself to sleep? O boi that sounds wrong.

La la la.


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