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What’s in my work bag? Finally.

DSC_0989This is the bag that I use for a while now. It has 2 braided handles and it’s huge that’s why it makes a perfect work bag. Bought it late last year and by January it wears off already. yay.


DSC_1034I don’t blame the purse though because I toss it around like no tomorrow.

To be honest, I don’t really like how bright the color is. I usually go for dark colors but this one has the cutest lining on the inside.

DSC_1030So it works.

As you can see it is pretty roomy so I can stuff my whole life in it, no problem. And inside it has 1 zippered pocket and 2 slip pockets.

DSC_0997This is how it looks like everyworkingday. Sort of.

First, I have a cute shopping bag hanging to the main zipper.

DSC_1003I never use the zipper anyway so I think it’s best to just attach a small shopping bag to it.

Now the 2 slip pockets, they look like this.


It’s miscellaneous and of course I do not always store the same thing everytime. But as for now I have these in there.


1. A small pouch with one fugly tassel.

2. Crunchie for lunch or for when I feel like passing out.

3. A stamp with my name on it. I have 2 actually but I don’t know where’s the other one at.

3. Clorets, the green one.

5. A pen. A black pen.

Inside the small pouch, I have these.

DSC_1011 A 4G dongle, a 3G broadband stick & 2 flashdrives.

And then in the main compartment, I have..


6. Spritzer.

   7. A folder

   8. My lovely binder slash planner.

And then I also have..


   9. Sunglasses

10. A small pouch no. 2.

 11. Travel bag for chargers and cords.

 12. Wallet/ wristlet.

My wallet, it looks like this.


The color is pewter and it has all these bizarre glitters and studs on it.

DSC_0991And because it’s also a wristlet, of course I put my cellphone in there too.

Inside the small pouch no. 2, I have..


A. Some q-tips. Fetish.

  B. Miniature perfume.

  C. A small pin. Just in case.

  D. A mirror.

  E. BB cream (miniature tube).

  F. A lipstick. Nude one because I don’t do color.

  G.  Some bandages.

Next, let’s see what I have in the zippered pocket.


Uhm I’m not gonna unzip it because I did and happened to not like what I saw.

But anyways, I took some stuff out and da!


13.  5gum watermelon & Fruit Plus apple

 14. Oil blotting paper

 15. Wallet tissues

 16. Wet tissues

 17. Fruit Plus wrappers. Ew.

18. 20cents. I’m rich!

19. Some lip products.

20. Hand lotion.

Whoa! That is it. No actually.

I have a couple things that aren’t pictured because either I took them out, I left them in the car or because I couldn’t care less to groom them.

 But just like I said no iPad, Samsung, iPod, MAC, some designer stuff or anything fancy to brag. So idk if this is worth showing but whatever. I’m tired and need some sleep and tomorrow is Monday.



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