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This is not a what’s in my car post.

Nor this is a what’s in my bag post.


This is just a what I bring to work post. Anyway thank you Eida for commenting and I’ll be doing that in my next post hehe (feeling femes jap ttuii >.<)

As to what I bring to work post, this is a lil picture slash overview of what inside of my car looks like every morning. This was actually taken at 6:30 in the morning when I idling my car.

Embrace the darkness.


1. Oversized purse.
Woo can you see that 6month baby bump? Yeah I tote it with me all . the . time.

2. My laptop.
I have like the best hard cover ever! You can’t really see it in this pic but it is so cool it looks like a book. It’s BookBook from TwelveSouth and I first fell in love with it when I saw Bill Kaulitz (or just a pic of him?) at the airport with this case. I thought it’s super cool and I went online and found it (after many many months) and bought it. Still deeply in love with it.

3&4. Can you see them? Because I can’t. Hm but down there I just have my blazer and my Windows laptop.

So those are my essentials that I bring to work on a daily basis and I’d be lost without any of them.
Exciting huh?


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