life as it is

Happy New Year!

My last post says I was sick. Right?

So a few people showed their sympathy on me and that was very sweet indeed.

I wrote up my painful endurance on a piece of paper (since me no speak) telling them how I can’t even swallow a drop of water and how hungry I am. They read and they nodded.

And then they went:

“Poor you”


“Dah makan nasi?”




I didn’t wanna die young be it because of the damn throat or because of undernourishment, so I went to see the doctor. With a pen and looseleaf. LOL. Turned out my throat was infected by god knows what and why and how. I was told that a shot could help me recover faster than pills. I was about to burst out crying before the hunger pangs kicked in so I said, please doc, anything. And then I found myself lying on my tummy to get my butt jabbed.

Oh my. What an awkward position.

I mean, I don’t show my precious butt to random people but hey I was starving. Did I mention that I was at the time of the month. Yes, oh god.

It was worth it though because two miserable days later, I was completely recovered. That’s only a day shy of 2013. Though my NYE was just okay with nothing special kind of celebration, I was blissed out and thankful to be able to eat and speak again. So yay me!

HAPPY 2013!


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