i hate it when...

Throat in agony.


I have  always been sick this year but this time it’s at its worst.

Few days back I couldn’t utter a word or snort or even clear my throat. The slightest sound could kill me and even if I speak it’d come out nasally. Embarrassing and painful. My tongue was my worst enemy too. To move it, was a torture.

 Not just that, I couldn’t wash my face in one go either because if I do my throat would hurt like hell. What I did was I washed my face part by part. First forehead, cheeks and chin and lastly le nose (this part hurt the most). I was puzzled.

The saddest part was I couldn’t swallow a thing. A drop of liquid even my saliva, couldn’t pass the throat without me banging the wall, the floor, the bed and everything in sight.

Just imagine a very hungry dog, that’s pretty much me. I drooled a lot and it wasn’t at all attractive.

That’s water I couldn’t swallow, let alone food.  I tried a few times until I gave up. Just to chew the softest bread, I failed.

I cried everytime.


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