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Things to look forward to in 2013


I wanna see my fave bands perform in big concerts or festivals. So far, I have Paramore and Lawson in my bucket that I would love LOVE to kick hard but I don’t know if I can make it .


I want to be a better muslim. I want to practice what I preach. Not that I don’t already but I want to involve more. I mean, MORE. Eh, how come one this be at no. 2? This actually takes priority over any other matter but I write this at one go and my laptop is dying so. whatever.


I want to play with images. Want to tweak them more because I feel like I haven’t done enough and thanks mom for always brings my poor DSLR to mind.


There are also a couple of top secret ventures I want to fulfill before Jun 2013. Shh! Don’t ask.


And last but not least, I think it’s time to revise my wishlist. Some need to be crossed out, some need extra attention and some are no longer relevant.

BTW, I’m really glad that The Mayans were wrong. BOOYA!


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