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Kardashian Kollection is out!

(Not new, I know)



Anyways, who’s excited?

ME! ME! MEEEE! *raises hands frantically

Who doesn’t?

When you are able to dress like Kim, Kloe and um who’s the other one? Kourtney at an affordable price, time to dance your best happy dance. It’s like giving your closet a lap dance. It doesn’t make sense. Just like dressing like Kim at only $250.

It doesn’t make sense.

So far, I’m loving all the stuff they have especially those so very gorgeous take all my money worth of dresses and purses. Apart from animal printed and studded, they also have a lot of sequined stuff too. I prefer studs and anything else over sequins though.

And FYI, KK is *quote* specially designed for REAL BODIES *end of quote*. So please take note all the real women out there (Hi mom!).

(Psss.. How you define REAL BODIES may majorly differ to their idea of REAL BODIES and nobody is to blame. Take note, again.)

Still, I haven’t done my ‘donation’ yet. But I’ll probably be doing so soon especially now while mom’s wallet’s here. Besides, I have a jacket in my cart. Yup, already. It’s just that I don’t know if I am allowed to dress like that to office.

Can I go to work in this?

(Pss, I’m a civil servant.)

Also, I really like this one purse, studded of course, because it’s cute and veeerry affordable too like I have to check its price tag twice.


So, waste no time. Let us rush to Dorothy Perkins! Woot!

Am not a fan of any of the Ks, by the way.


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