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Bonding with Bond.

I am not a big fan of 007 franchise. In fact I haven’t really paid attention to its previous chains. But I can’t refuse a pair of free tix, can I? It’s rude.

Yes, I got a pair and I took MY LOVED ONE to go and bond and I must say that I enjoyed it very much. I mean WE enjoyed it. We thought Skyfall was the best Bond movie ever!!

Bias, I know.

But seriously, it’s true. It’s not like those other ol’ skool Bonds I labeled as the it movies for grandpas. 2012 Bond is freshly instated. (Again, bias)

And I didn’t know Daniel Craig was hot! Do you know that this dude is a father to a 18yo girl? Crazy.

It makes my mind jog about the other 40ish yo dude I’m after. That he’d father a 10 or a 15 yo too. But he’s not clever enough.

Whoops off topic.

Now back to Bond and I’ll put down some of the lines I thought were funny. Dry English humor I’d never thought I’d laugh at before Skyfall.


“Youth is not a guarantee of innovation.”

“You come down here and kick it down!!?”

“What makes you think it’s the first time?”

“Psychologist: M?

Bond: Bitch” * I LMFAO-ed at this. It was hilarious I’d choke on my popcorn


“What did you expect? An exploding pen?”

“Ah, there you are 007. I see you.”

The new Q is cute btw.

Q is played by Benjamin Whishaw. Remember the movie Perfume? Yup that Ben. Keep your eyes on him.


“Mommy was very bad.”

“Woa Bond.”

Javier Bardem, the guy who plays Silva is not bad himself. He’s totally my new fave villain.


“… and that bloody thing survived”


“Welcome to Scotland”


“I was ready before you were born”

I can’t quote every line here so watch out for other Bond-Q, Bond-M, Bond-Silva banters too.

It’s a funny movie, I promise.

But during the screening, we were the only ones who laughed at the gags the whole time. At one point I thought where is everyone? The silence, it’s weird.

Guess I connect to English more now thanks to Lawson LOL


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