stuff i love

Flying high.

What’s your favorite radio station?
Mine is Fly FM.
It’s true when I said I start and end my day listening to Fly FM *dead serious tone

And today, being a loyal listener since day 1 has totally paid off because I have won RM200 cash in the Fly FM Music Jury!


I was notified via email and was at work when my inbox ding-ed. I instantly replied them my details so they can prepare the RM200 cheque for me.

It isn’t a lot but I don’t always get RM200 for (technically) free thus I was flying a lot higher than I usually do on a Monday.

So thank you, Fly FM. Can’t wait for the cheque to come in 2-3 months?

Hm, k.

And lastly of course, I love you, god 🙂

p/s: Suddenly I find myself watch-less (hint: refer wish list no. 1 *duckface)


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