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Finally the BIG CAT!

Woah! I’m so proud to tell you that I have survived a clean installation of Mountain Lion.

Why so proud?


From creating a bootable flash drive to erasing the HDD (I was most skeptical bout) and then installing the big cat, I DID IT ON MY OWN. YES.

SIX HOURS went very smoothly but very tensely too because I didn’t know what to expect. It was initially something I thought would get on my last nerves but at the end turned a piece of cake.

iOS6 nightmare’s still there, I guess LOL

 Downloading the OS X ML alone took me almost 2 hours, I think.

I forgot to name the hard drive but it’s fine.

 The final step was when the torture’s about to end.

And then, FIRST BOOT!

It was the best because it felt just like when I first bought the laptop, you set the whole system up to your liking and BAM! Mountain Lion.


But the question is ladies and gentlemen, do I like the new OS?

Yes, I like Mountain Lion but not more than I do Lion.


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