i hate it when...

iOS 4 to iOS6

iOS upgrade = a major  pain in the arse.

Took me almost 2 hours to download and almost a week to install.  Haaa!

After getting a new cable for my phone, I decided to restore it because apps like YouTube, Twitter, WordPress and Safari keep crashing like mad (iOS 4.3.3). So I restored and downloaded iOS5 (iOS 6 was’t yet available). I also backed up the phone via iTunes and transferred my purchase and stuff and thank god for that.

Problem was, I couldn’t install the new iOS but my phone’s already restored empty. iTunes gave me stupid unknown errors like code no. 3004, 9 and -1. I Googled those codes in attempt to fix them myself. smartass. However, I gave up and so I used tinyumberella (I WILL NEVER EVER USE AGAIN) but then I didn’t want to jailbreak my device, so I stopped halfway and uninstalled tinyumberella and went back to iTunes.

As predicted, iTunes gave me another error something like “this device isn’t eligible for the requested build” — something like that. Since I know what that means, I was still ok. What I did was I tried to fix the Hosts file from etc folder using textedit but I COULDN’T. This is when I was all panicked. I kept doing it for over a thousand times, I’m not even lying. What was not right was I didn’t know we cannot do that anymore on Lion. So then I used sudo nano from Terminal and it worked! AND TOOK ONLY 60 SECONDS, BELIEVE IT OR NOT.

But iTunes still refused to install the new iOS for me, of course. Everytime I clicked on restore, I got -1 error in return. So I was phoneless for 4 days and in great agony and THAT’S WHEN EVERYONE FROM OFFICE LONGED FOR MY VOICE -_-‘

But that’s not the thing I most concerned about, it’s that my phone is a total brick, useless.

And when Apple launches iOS6, I went ahead and downloaded it. Still the same error, -1. I thought maybe Apple server is busy so I waited for another day. I hear that error -1 means something isn’t right with the phone’s baseband WHATEVER THAT IS and that I have to get my phone repaired. I was like FUFUFUF, you know it’s so troublesome for me because the nearest Machines is 40 minutes away from my place. But then I thought okay, if that’s what it takes to get my phone back, I’ll suck it up so I’ll be going to Machines next week, Tuesday.

But this morning, I playfully tried to install iOS 6 again. I plugged in my phone and left it be because I was expecting to get the same stupid error. Only after a minute or two, the darn brick vibrated! And before long, lit up!


iOS 6


If what I’ve been through isn’t painful enough, I don’t know what is. In case you’ve forgotten, let me spell it  out once more – I WAS PHONELESS FOR ALMOST ONE WEEK AND IN VAST FEAR OF LOSING MY CONTACTS, PICS, SONGS TECHNICALLY EVERYTHING STORED ON MY PHONE.  Get it?

But at the end of the day, it’s worth the pain. My phone feels like brand new and I couldn’t be any happier :’)

What a week. phew.


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