life as it is

Things to be thankful for.

I reckon myself to be lucky.

Though I lost my parent at a young age and lost half of my family (his side) after and went through court deals and then lost my dearest grandmother whom I shared the bedroom with, I AM LUCKY.

I am lucky because the other half of my family that stays is the warmest. Lucky because I was born a Muslim. Lucky because my family and I, we are in good health (sometimes we hiccup a little but that’s ok). Lucky because I’m living my dreams (not all but, still). Lucky because I got a scholarship so I didn’t have to repay a study loan. Lucky because I got my first job in the instant I graduated (though I don’t really fancy it). Lucky because I get to meet beautiful people who teach me something anything. Lucky because I get to meet ugly people who teach me EVERYTHING.  Lucky because I’m aware of my flaws so I won’t go act like a plastic doll.

Lucky because God gives me time.

Having to experience all those, I AM BLESSED.



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