la la


Ridiculous stuff people post on Twitter.

1. I usually hate the color yellow but now idk. ( Oh? So I guess people care?)

2. I’m a rockstar. (O yesh you are!)

3. Sleepy. OR Lunch! OR Bored. OR Just woke up! (Apparently everyone cares)

4. Cleavage. Nice view. (Pervert much?)

5. Sakit perut TT (Tweet more about it!)

6. Panas! (hmmm)

7. Oh btw, payday tmr. (Oh so exciting!)

8. Sigh. Phone is low on batt & i don’t really like Twitter for Android. Firstworldpain. (-_____-)

9. Just nod your head! Like this! (Yet another lyrics? Unfollowed!)

10. Hi! OR Hello! OR Hola! OR Halo! (Still no reply after 3 whole minutes? How pathetic! LOL)

(curtesy of @dagirlnextdo0r)


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