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A not so blast from the past

Let me tell you one funny story.

When I was a kid I loved watching news on TV, not for the content of course but for the idea of watching TV lol idk. I seriously thought the anchors could really see us viewers.

And one day my dad sent me to my grandma’s to spend the weekend. She let me watch TV alone while she cooked. It was the afternoon news I watched and the anchor on air was Farid Ismeth Emir (hope I got his name right). I had no idea what he was saying but it felt like he was talking to me and to end the news he wrapped it with a smile and I was like oh crap! He smiles at me! I was so embarrassed I ran to the kitchen and told grandma about it and she went oh dear, he must be in love with you!
I was completely sold & freaked out like what do I do??! He’s too old for me!

Same thing happened like when I watched Meg Ryan on TV3 and then my dad flipped channels, there was also Meg Ryan, my brain got fucked up. I was like eh how come she was on both channels? She can’t be that fast changing clothes, hair and all! Man it must be tiring!

Also with Hindi movies when they sing, I was like where does the music come from and why their voices all sound the same? You know they use the same backup singer for different actors.

I had no one to explain what is what to me so it went like that for years until I was 7 or 8 or 10? Idk haha.

Uhm so that’s about it.


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