la la


Eh Syu, why tak makan sayur?! Teruknya! It’s good for you lah, it’s dddadaaadada da

I get that a lot from people, even from mi familia. Yea I know y’all care, thanks.


Honestly it’s very disturbing. Like why do I eat this & not that or that I should at least taste it a bit to actually like or dislike it. Yes I know all that stuff. What I don’t know is why y’all care too much? It’s funny.

I wish I could explain it myself but I absolutely have no freaking idea why like when it comes to vegetables, epecially those green ones like kangkung or bayam or kacang botol even or lady’s finger or sawi especially I can’t take them any closer to my mouth. Or my nose.

Most people don’t get it. They thought that oh Syu she’s just being childish or whatever but I tell you what people, I can’t stand its nasty smell, let alone to eat it, to have it chewed and swallowed. Ew. Cannot. Sorry.

I have all respect for people who eat them though, especially raw leafy like ulam and stuff. Keep it up people. Eat em all. Good job.

Here’s a shoutout for y’all that YOU, ARE A BUNCH OF AWESOME PEOPLE yay!! :’D

And I am not.
But I’m fine.
As long as you leave me alone.
I am absolutely fine.


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