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Batik feelings

I was very emotional last night. Everything I looked, everything I read didn’t please me in a way that it should. Hence, this cake.

Kek batik.
Only at 3rd attempt that I finally succeeded. Weewewweewe *happy dance
Does this look batik enough? Or even look like a cake to you? Idk, but it does taste like a chocolate cake to me. Very moist.


Okay enough about the kek batik. I’m here to blab about my rollercoaster state of emotion & whatnot.

I feel empty inside.
You know? I don’t.

I mean, I looked at people around me, I read blogs and all I saw were happy faces and happy stories. This person went on vacays and concerts, that person bought this and that and here I am, reading their stories.

This is not jealousy, mind you. This is some sort of comparison in a larger scale and I know I shouldn’t do this. It’s very unhealthy. But I couldn’t help but noticed a vast difference because my life is so dull, if I may say so, so it’s a lot easier for me to compare.

Worse, nothing I’d do to level up my life. Why? Because financial wise, I’m not as wise!

All I able to do is to rant on Twitter and go like Imma crawl to one isolated corner and weep & that’s it.


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