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We Got Married

If you know me personally, you’d know the bitter side of me towards K-Pop.

Don’t get me wrong.

I don’t hate k-popers or anything or anyone for that matter (I cannot hate my sister, now can I?). It’s just not the type of music I’d drool to.
Here’s the but.
For the past weeks, I’ve been watching We Got Married, a Korean reality show where K-Pop artists and Korean celebs are paired up & live together like married couples. They do stuff married spousses would do, minus the uhm you know what that is.

They laugh, they cook, they fight.
Aw isn’t marriage sweet? *sarcasm
Not bad. Not bad.

I liked that show.

Bottom line is, the show has changed my overview upon marriage. I personally don’t believe in marriage. Yea, curse me.
But that show has slightly changed that perception. Marriage could be fun by choice. Don’t simply assume I know nothing about it. True, I grow up in a single parented family but that doesn’t make me shallow or noob or whatever. I have eyes and ears that fairly fuction so I know what I’m talking about alright?

But very unfortunately, it’s not for me 🙂
You read that right.

I’ll tell you why later once I figured why.

So friends,
if you’re married, good for you.
And if you’re not, good for you.

p/s: this post is a sticky velcro to arseholes out there. I have more for you.


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