life as it is

Daddy’s diary


A piece of memory from daddy that never fails to stream my tears everytime I read it. I did not have a chance to know him personally but he left me tons of diaries for me to read and to grieve over. Fair enough. I keep one with me wherever I go and somehow it gives me strength to live.

When I was younger, I had trouble reading his handwriting. So I only read his digital ones, mostly from when I was still in my mom’s womb. It’s hard to not to cry when you read how excited your daddy was when you’re born, when you’re his first child, when you called him ‘daddy’ for the first time, when you successfully recited the small prayer before every meal..

And he knew he’s gonna die before me so he wrote that too. I’m lucky to have a dad like him because he used to write and draw a lot and he’s excellent at both. Some are published and he managed to keep a folder for it.

He was also a camcorder lover and always carried one with him and I shall blog about that too someday 🙂


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