life as it is

best weekend evah

My weekends in Johor were never this great.


After work, I had nowhere to go and I thought oh please don’t let this shitty mood kills the days ahead. I went to Plaza Angsana (yes, alone), had dinner at KFC (yes, alone) and was enjoying my all time fave hot and spicy fried chicken when my friend, Sya, called me. SHE HAD A PLAN.

We drove along streets in JB. Not long after our trash talk turned X-rated, we parked the car and there stood JB Sentral before our eyes. We WALKed (my debut walk in JB) like two drunk girls towards the building, laughed all the way in and took a couple of minutes to snap our cute pouts. Then WALKed again to JB Bazaar then supper then home.

Not bad for a start.


Me, my housemate and Sya went to Kak Fara’s open house (mind you that Syawal has officially ended like 2 days ago LOL). Anyway, thanks Kak Fara for the yummylicious nasi dagang ;P

My housemate had another plan with her friends so me and Sya took off to Jusco Bukit Indah since it’s still early for THE FUN. Spent 2 to 3 hours at the mall just to wait for the sun to set then at 8, finally we’re headed to Plaza Angsana where THE FUN was sited at.

EURO FUN—- pics comin up, soon! ;P


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