life as it is


Implausible diseases; one of them is the disease of human’s mind. Complex as it is.

Even more complex, I can’t tell whether the case I’m under control right now involves human or so called human.
Well I guess, second option fits the best. Legit.

No, it ain’t me duh. It’s just someone I know out of the blue, who is according to me, suffers from the mess. Pity you.
Uhm pity me too.
I have you to be ‘friend’ with.

It’s really nauseating to see you fake your qualities and if for one second you think you’re better than a twelve year old kid listening to Bieber, you are very much__false. And I want you to know that how much effort you try to put on that honorable act of yours, you are no less stinker than what you already are. So my advice is, don’t waste a drop of sweat. Stop the drama you phony phony ANIMAL.



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