la la

wasted sunday

What a lazy Sunday.

I got up at 3 freakin pm. Not much of a shocker if you know me well. And oh please toss your judgment away. I learned that people stereotyping me being miraculously lazy because of my sleep pattern and some even asked me how do I do that (waking up that late)?

I have one good suggestion. Instead of doing that, why don’t you shoot me what time do I usually go to bed every night? or morning?.. then maybe you know that I’m living quite a healthy lifestyle -.-

Uff la la la.. whatever.

Back to me being idle on Sunday.

I don’t feel like tweeting at all (which is weird) and don’t feel like going out either (hahh even weirder).  So, the rest of the day I just lay in my bed, blasting MARS’ THIS IS WAR and thank goodness it’s raining outside so it’s pretty much add extra coziness that I really needed.


Yes, that’s one of the answers for those who wonder where the hell my smile is recently. I am SICK like REALLY REALLY REALLY SICK, you know?


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