life as it is

The Big ?

Usual them?


Unusual me?

I’ve been surrounding with the tedious-est energy quite a lot recently and it got me thinking what makes the shit so unenthusiastic.. And it scares me to imagine the possibility for it to, sooner or later, affect me in insensible way that maybe, just maybe, when I start to realize it, I’m too late to be saved. You know what I’m sayin?

Coz to be honest with myself, I started to feel it couple months ago and unconsciously thought I was nothing like them people, the pioneers.

Then, what makes me came into consciousness?

My way of thinking, viewing about certain things that I think has shrunken due to the restriction of functioning. It is the energy than I’m in right now that majorly contributes to my mental downfall. I do not wanna be part of the entity and  I dare say that I’d squeeze the life out of the cutest new born kitten, just to remote myself from the dearest pioneers. But the most awful part is, I’m attached to the bond with no option to escape. I desperately long for something spanking fresh which now, is out of reach, almost impossible to collide with my fate. Unless the collision is no longer a sin.

 But on a positive note, I have at least survived a vast obstacle that do me proud.


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