i hate it when...


Had quite a deep notion before decided to post this shit up here.


sickness is exactly what I felt when my friend (If she happens to read this, I’ll be a lifeless chicken. See ya in hell) caught me off-guard while I was busy registering for the study course. To my surprise she said; “Eh, sure u wanna do this? What if no guy would wanna marry you?”

HELLO! Lame much, my dearest friend?

I didn’t mean to be mean towards her but I think she’s too typical minded. Open up a little. Adjust your mental alignment, please.

NOT that Imma running around with my certs hanging around my neck or have my giant forehead stamped with a gigantic sign “Yo! I’m a master’s degree holder!” for my potential husband to see therefore he will never have the guts to approach me and end up…… unmarrying me?! Oh, puhlease!

*turns my palm forward*

Hey, see this fat hand of mine? Talk to it coz the face aint listenin.


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