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Brooke McQueen VS Sam McPherson

Me? Team Sam =P

Sam was more of like a rebellious kinda girl with awesome style while Brooke was like ohmygorgeousselfImsofamousPeoplelovesmeImsogonnabecrownedhomecomingqueen type of blondie but she’s really nice. Sam’s mom and Brooke’s dad got married so the kids had to share a bedroom together and that’s when the drama started.

Harrison John, Nicole Julian, Mary Cherry, Lily Esposito, Carmen Ferrara and Roberta “Bobbi” Glass THE TEACHER. I remember them all.

Mary Cherry’s my favorite character. She’s such a goofy cheerleader and I love how reckless and full of life she was sometimes. She had a world of her own and was so proud of it. She didn’t care what other people think about her, all she ever cared about was her ‘celebrity’ status.

Here are some of her waggish facial gestures.

“I would do anything to be a teen tart.” ~MC

She could be pretty mean at times but with her unpredictable personality and wild outfits,  I find it hard to hate her.

If Brooke was named Homecoming Queen, Merry Cherry was also a queen. A Drama queen and she’s so good at it.



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