life as it is

a happy ending?

A friend came for a visit tonight.. She’s a friend from college and we’re in the same class for 4 years. Though we’ve never been so close, I know she’s nice and extremely cute and friendly and adorable and well.. a total reverse of what I am. I am kinda excited to see her again because to tell you the truth I really really miss my 2008-2009 life.

She came over to my house at 9pm and so we had a dead serious chat about life (mostly HERS because FYI I don’t have a life) and a little bit of work which sounded like two adults having a fangirl moment over Justin Bieber.

She told me about how her ex boyfriend abused her. I knew it already (from some reliable source.. eh?) so what I did was I fake a shocking face (the face one makes when one learns that the singer who sings the song Waiting Outside the Lines is actually a dude. Wait. Really?)

He slapped her countless time and took her lappy, car & phone away and haven’t yet returned em back. I’ve met this moron a couple of times and in fact we’ve talked on the phone and if I’m fated to meet him again somewhere (Please God don’t ever let it happens) I can’t guarantee you if he’ll still have his mighty balls (if he has any).

And now guess what?!

She’s getting engaged to be married to her current boyfriend whom she knows for like not more than 30 days.  From the detail she told me, he seems like a married-able kinda guy definitely not someone you could casually bump into at a corner of a street in JB. I’m so happy for her.

Her story is one of the many reasons I don’t want to get married. Seriously. I know she’s happy now but I still don’t think marriage is still relevant these days when you’re bedded before you’re wedded but I didn’t wanna be rude so I just kept it to myself.

And what have I shared with her in return? NOTHING lol.

She didn’t have to know how awesome my virtual life is but I did give her one or two useless advises and actually told her that I’m not quite sure of what I was saying *awkwardly loling*

Fuck your life Syu.
Fuck it.


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