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my ruler tale

Newsflash!! I bought a super long RULER! yay! *snorts* So freaking long it doesn’t fit my DSLR lens (reason why no photo’s taken). It smells funny (yeah I smelt and and actually kissed it) but the color is nice. Awesome huh? >.<

For the record (LOL?) I have lotsssssss and lotss of rulers I can open a ruler shop by now.. be it plastic, metal, adjustable, ugly, pretty I have em all. My personal fave is the flexible ones which i use to draw curves (technically wrong.. but who cares? hahh). Mind you I draw a lot of curves.. I mean CURVES haha

And I also have collections of different templates and scales and erasers and pencils and blahblahblah


Truth is I just want to keep my blog updated and ruler happens to be the only subject I can blog about. FML.


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