life as it is


WUS, my only boo, I am truly sorry for what I did to you…


It was raining cats and dogs when I was on my way home from work but instead of pull over, tipsy-ish me drove all the way home. Everything was fine until I reached the last traffic light.

Flash flood.  Crap!

The water fully covered the bumper and I started to freak the hell out. There’s no way to turn back though, so I drove slowly but the water was flowing rapidly like a mini tsunami as it rose. Little did I know, I saw one piece of thick black metal flew above me and WUS. We both grinned 😀


Result; plate-less WUS, RM30 poorer


I parked my WUS outside but not blocking the drive way and as I was waiting for the engine to warm-up, out of nowhere …*BANGGG!*, followed by my high pitched fuck!

and then my homie’s oh-dammit-face appeared in my rear-view mirror, seconds after I saw her car kissin mine. Perfect. I snorted.

Result; few minor scratches on the car, a fatal hickey on the heart.


No third please.

Wussy no more.


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