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How I Define Boredom

‘If boredom was a color it would be brown.’

Seriously, brown? Why brown? Hey I love the color brown! ~whatever

Last month, boredom struck me to the greatest degree.  Most of the time I could just spend my time tweeting, you tube-ing and stuff. However that night, even the internet was unable to kill it. So I spent the whole Saturday staring at all four walls of my bedroom and happened to notice something.

Something as dull as my day. Something as plain as myself .. Something happened to be one of the walls.

Before I knew it, I was at RAINBOW, a stationary shop.

I bought different sizes of brushes and one acrylics paint (since there’s no oil).. guess the color? B.R.O.W.N

Returned home at about 12 am and then..

step 1

~~ 4 hours later ~~

tadaaa!! xP




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